Who I am?


Vanessa Roberge is a young Quebecer artist born in 1986. Gifted with an artistic flair in every dimension of her life, she quenches her thirst for creation with many art forms. During her studies in Arts and Media, Vanessa worked with acrylic for the first time in her life. Free-spirited and yearning to learn by herself, Vanessa soon felt oppressed by the academic world, despite her passion for art. It was only after graduating that Vanessa dared to show her own painting method. Intense and full of expression, she showed the world a new way of looking at painting. Her use of nudity in her urban portraits takes the spectator to a unique parallel world, depicting the energy which surrounds each of her characters. Vanessa loves to create vibrant canvases which evoke intense reactions and multiple feelings. Those reactions reflect her released passion on art’s subjectivity. Vanessa Roberge is a promising artist who demonstrates a great sense of composition, drawing and command of colours.

Artistic style


Provocative pictures are Vanessa’s main source of inspiration. Those troubling depictions drive her to create relentlessly and obsessively. The artist’s eclectic style is a reflection of her spontaneous and free character. Characterized by the schematization of her portraits, her unique creations are reminiscent at once of Cloisonnism, Pop Art and Comic books. In addition, Vanessa has been focusing on various colour, aesthetics, and light studies which are also reminiscent of Art Deco and graphic arts.

Thus, setting no limit to her creativity, the artist has been able to distance herself from the usual influences and common trends by developing a technique she can call her own. Thanks to a unique colour palette and a distinctive painting style, the artist’s works carry the spectator to different universes, specific to each character. Through her canvases’ dynamic compositions, Vanessa gives remarkable substance to shapes and creates fascinating worlds which reveal the subtleties of spirituality and vibrate with intensity.

In short, Vanessa Roberge’s urban portraits are the expression of a passionate and obsessive work, characterized by the simplicity of lines and dots. Ultimately, the nature of her works allows to perceive the artist’s passion and to get in touch with her innermost integrity.

At work

General symbolism


Vanessa is driven by Mankind’s overall complexity. She is fascinated by both the bodily and spiritual nakedness of humans, as well as by the forces which drive them to survive every day. Her canvases let her characters’ psychic and emotional energies shine through, keeping them prisoner within their own frame. Moreover, the walls she puts up between the colors she uses illustrate her idea of the independence of each cell of the human body.

Through this specific technique, she succeeds in creating complex and unique beings in each of her works, which immediately come across as unique and united in the infinite art world. Moreover, each of her canvases depicts characters qui unveil their exclusive nature, and the energy emanating from them suddenly creates a vibrant universe, which unavoidably immerses the viewer in a deep, intense, and troubled, state of mind.

Finally, not only do the artistic creation paths Vanessa takes illustrate the honesty and lucidity with which she addresses her errors and fears, but they also reveal who she truly is.